Be Proud Of Your Accomplishments

Too many focus only on the failures. Yes, lessons learned in failure are invaluable, however take the time to be proud of what you have accomplished. Once you have done make bigger goals. Work on them every day. In making new goals and going for it, you will have a hunger to beat your last record.

World class athletes do this. Once they hit the bar, it is raised.  In high school Michael Jordan was kicked off the high school basketball team. This motivated him to keep on praticing. Michael was so poor he used trash cans as basketball hoops. He made up his own standard instead of someone else putting a standard on him. When you are are your own biggest competition, the inner game changes.

Test Yourself Before Anyone Else Does

In working on many different pieces and larger works I set goals in accomplishing certain deadlines in the process. Creating art is a disciplined lifestyle. Being your own boss is a disciplined life. Self guidance is more important then ever.  Why not live for the challenge while others dread it.

The question comes to mind, "What are you pushing yourself to accomplish without anyone else doing it for you". Having internal drive is essential in setting your own standards instead of having someone or everyone else to push their standards on you. It is a completely different way of thinking and daily work being putting in.

In making your own standards by going the extra mile no matter where you are, you will shine and people see you care about the service, and experience you offer compared to everyone else. Especially in so many people don't want to be there so they do little as possible and stall a lot. Why not be the rapid fire along with strategically planning all you are going to accomplish.

The Hustle And Bustle

We all are so busy each day. There comes a time when you have to ask yourself "What matters most to myself.  Until you think about it and sit down with this question, life on average blurs together. In never seeing your family because you work too much, you miss years of quality time you could have spent and wish you'd changed it around.

As I get older, I think about my mother, in how I hardly see her and want her to feel the best she can. She doesn't have teeth. I purchase the best kinds of food I can for her to have the nutrients she needs and be abe to eat them. I want to see her around for many more years. Not eating enough of the right food or lack of nutrients will affect quality of life over the years.

The Right People

Certain people will be your target audience. In the art business world, your work must be engaging. Some people will mesh well with your work in the form, message and all of the above. The sad part is the average person in the general public since art uses the different side of the brain most people don't even consider. There is no off and on switch in the imagination.

Creating art is more then just the material. Although the general material knowledge is needed, it is far from the focal point. Conceptually speaking, the meaning behind a work is a large part in the connection along with association with a certain influential event.The bible to a christian is more then paper, gold fold, and binding seem. It is a way of life. 

Pick Quality Over Quantity

For a long time, I had wondered how my distant artist neighbor was doing. We used to be in the same gallery. I didn't know he had left the gallery I was in. I thought maybe he would have changed. He was very depressive and not very motivated. He made excuses meanwhile he could be a lot better. Claiming victim hood way too soon. He said, he like to anti social, yet likes sales? It is counter intuitive.

Who I am around must be high energy, honest, positive, driven, successful. I don't accept anything else in being successful. The quality people I seek are far better in their choices. I told the artist, I said money may not be important now, it will catch up to you and you'll find out the hard way. The cost of everything will go up so much more. It has nothing to do about the money. It is the freedom to do more and quality of life this can afford. In serving people more at the core of who they are is where the need is.

Take Advantage Of Each Opportunity Today

My step dad was a us navy veteran. He lived his life and wished he would have taken more opportunities. Making a family came before the opportunities he could have taken. I didn't understand him until I finally saw the whole picture on why he was depressed. My step dad was mental abusive. The upbringing he came from was at a distance from his mother and father. I think he wishes his parents would have shown more affection towards him. For many years, I had a grudge against him. It was so blinding in how much I disliked him. His health started going down hill five years before he had passed away. I had wanted him to quit smoking years ago for him to be here longer. One day, I asked him, "Do you want to see your two daughters graduate from high school ?" He never answered. I know he wishes he could have achieved more.

Tommorrow is not Guaranteed. Make each day with action. You never know when your last day will be. 

Work On Redirecting Your Emotions

I have been thinking lately about how I respond in different situations. In being a potential leader position or even a person who is listened to on a honest level when speaking, you have to learn to control your emotions. Yes, controlling your emotions can be really challenging when there is so much on your plate. For example, top level CEOs of many companies. Others only look at their pay level instead of how much responsibility they have day in and day out. Think of yourself at the person who is above you as being in their play. Perspectives changes in turning the tables.

In seeing others outburst in emotion at certain points. I can understand however doing it at the wrong time and place can have bad effects over your reputation and potential business. In having explosive emotions in your mind and outwardly, you need to ask yourself what is the main cause of this current issue. Using your emotions in the right way constructively is very important for your well being and respect from others.

This why I create art as being a vehicle for expression. At times, expressing yourself is best suited visually instead of verbally. Doing art, I have been able to find myself and become more aware.

Plant The Seed Of Expanding

Too many focus on what they can't do or think they can't do. Why not get to know others and show them opportunities they didn't realize were open to them. I take time to get to know others and listen close. I say to the people I know and meet over time, why not start a restaurant, make a course on how to sharpen knives, expanding their market in who can use their product, give connections with others who can help to obtain the final result.

One time I was talking to this lady. She said she needs an attorney. I said I bet you already know one and don't realize it because an attorney is already in your circle. Soon after, She said recently an attorney helped her with legal work to protect her from a situation. I said, See you already have an attorney within your own reach. You have to acknowledge it.

Value Yourself Before Anyone else Values You

Today, I was talking to another artist. Her show got rained out. She was feeling sick. I said to her, I'd like to help you in many other social media outlets to help her get out there. The more you limit your venues, the more you limit your sales. She said, it is not worth it to expand.  I said, it is worth it when you raise your prices. Honestly, your perception of weither you can or can't is strictly up to you. Too many people don't see how much the limiting self beliefs are impacting their current and past results.

I personally have been there.  Yes, it is not good and the hard times happens. When I have shows or festivals in which get rained out, I think to myself, how can I turn this around to become more productive. Go out there and network. You never know, someone who knows someone else can create another event to rebound or another connection at a later point. 

Building Trust And Respect

Recently, I was in a big meeting of where a large discussion was taking place in front a town. There was so much outrage and many people angry at the situation among the committee members. The lady who was beside me was attacking the committee member in question. I wanted to listen to the whole meeting and be quiet. when the lady beside me was yelling at the committee, the committee was loking at me and seeing I wanted no part of it. How can you burst into anger in front of everyone there and develop trust with everyone.

I was not there for the committee member issue. I was there to build rapport with those people in a calm and respectful manner. In saying what you are saying, speak with meaningful purpose. Listen before you speak to understand their point of view. I was very patient in waiting for the right time to speak since I wanted to be heard correctly. Opportunities don't normally pop right in the place in going to a new place. The communities have to see you as an asset and upstanding person to respectfully honor. Keep on going and reaching out. You never know until you opportunity will come since they are thinking about you and bring a stronger relationship in building trust.