The Answers Are In Front Of You

I was watching a video by Eric Thomas recently. He is an awesome speaker and has a great connecting story. I can identify with him and his story. He was saying, listen to what others are saying to help you serve better. The answer is in the questions and comments being said.Mentors are all around, you have to pick the right ones to be where you want to be.

The mentors you choose already has the life and achievement you are seeking. Build rapport with them by mirroring them in how they speak and body language. Make it a point to learn new things and connect with people who are like yourself and or who you want to be like

.It is funny how at first I didn't want to offer something because I didn't think it would fit.  However, with the comments being said, the offering and idea would help serve more people. Having another tool to help others in have closure and improve mental health is what I enjoy doing. We all have unanswered questions and to have a final closure brings meaning to move forward instead of being stuck. Remember the anwer is there for you to discover.

An Honest Reveal Situation

Last year and this year has been a huge challenge for myself in my health. I have not posted as much as I was. In getting medical tests done, I have been wanting to do for a long time to gauge where am I at, a few things stood out. One of them is my liver has to improve. If your liver isn't functioning well enough, your energy levels will go down a lot. The state of your liver function depends on how well it is in enough to recover. I was asked if I drink alcohol, I said no, I have ever drank any alcohol.

I don't drink alcohol since I have witnessed the issues it can cause over time. It is a tool in which tore my family apart. Also without drinking alcohol you can still have a fatty liver. Too much carbohydrates and sugar and more will lead to a fatty liver. This is a huge problem especially in the north america. Obesity is a major role in fatty liver and is so vital to do everything in life

.In  speaking about my health, I have took off 45lbs and still have a ways to go. I have added suppliments, cut added sugar, cooked at home, eat a lot more vegetables, and some fruit, doing a lot more lifting since it helps circulation and strength. I drink about 1/2 gallon to 1 gallon of water a day. I am working on the inflamation in my body. Remember inflamation leads to diseases and cancers. Make sure it learn about lowering your inflamation and food allergies to have a better life.

Unforgiveness Will Tear You Down On All Levels- Forgive To Release The Internal Weight

Recently, I was in my old neighborhood. Many of the businesses were gone, the windows boarded up, and a not very many people were there. I hadn't been back in years. Even the finance company who gave me a chance was no longer there. I had gotten my first car loan through them. The chinese international buffet my family and I had all went to for easter was boarded up. The memories of my best friend passing away and in the event of last time talking with him wasn't a good situation. One this same road my best friend and his sister is buried. Already it has been seventeen almost eighteen years. It doesn't seem like this amount of time has passed.

Many decades of unforgiveness, I had inside of myself. I didn't know with all of this negative force along with holding in unforgiveness, anger, frustration, resentment, all of this would take a toll on my over all health. I saw this as just another obstacle instead of releasing of the negativity, and memories to hold myself back

. Your mind is more important then what others think. Your mind is the central foundation of who you are and the defining values you share. I had to take the time to forgive and work through all of the past negative memories. Very intense and were still lingering with the back of my mind. Remember this, this is a process worth doing for your well being of letting go and enjoying what time you have left to live.

An End To Over A 10 Year Vehicle Relationship

In march of 2008, I purchased a nissan altima. It was my first car I had ever owned. This car was my most expensive purchase I had ever made. At the time, I didn't have any credit history with no credit cards, no debt, and or credit lines. I was 25 at the time. This car has so many memories throughout the years. I had been on dates in this car, also taking my sisters to different places for christmas shopping when they were much younger. When I bought this car, I was so proud of myself in having a fresh start.

This was my vehicle I have had the longest. In Feb. 2015, I was in an accident where I guy ran a stop sign. The car protected me through the whole situation. Yes, it has had so many ups and downs in having great times and  down times in fixing the car. Many people don't think of vehicles as a personal story. In thinking about it, our vehicles are there even in failing events happen. No matter what they are always there for us. I purchased the car when it had 61k miles and when I sold the car there was almost 177k miles on it. The memories of when my father changed the fuel pump for free and even purchasing the part. The many runs with delivery of my sculptures. At time to begin and another time to end. A car that was there through thick and thin.

Make Conversations Count

As dealing with visiting with my grandparents and seeing their transition from going from their home to going to a retirement is a huge difference. Think about it, Can you pick having your freedom and ability to go where you want, when you want for 9 decades, then after falling, going to surgery to never going back to the home you worked for to own decades? Also working through, seeing your own wife not being here mentally and forgetting decades of memories to forgetting who family are. Plus, in coming to terms of outliving all of your father, mother, and siblings to having no one you knew growing up is still here.

At a certain point, it is a accomplishment to outlive all of your close family and at the same time a very challenging time. Anyone who does this, has to come to terms of it. In mid part of time of this year since my grandparents have transitioned over to a retirement home, I have made it an intention to have meaningful conversations with my grandpa. Many things, we both wanted to say for years and didn’t have that kind of moment to share. My grandpa is very blunt and to the point. An style of being straight to the point is something many people need these days. Yes, it may hurt upfront however it is the honesty, we all crave to have. In knowing, each time this maybe the last time I get to see my grandpa, I make sure there is closure and a meaningful interaction. I had wanted to tell him for a long time. He needs to have an uplifting memmorable experience in what time he has left. The same goes for you. I’d like to hear your feedback and how you can relate.

Focusing On What's Not Important

What is the point of focusing on if another person has (job). A job is not who the person is. This is only an activity they choose to do within a certain frame of time. I find too many others tie personal worth to a job when as the world knows, could be here today and gone tomorrow. Especially in this ever evolving world now.

Why not focus on the value each person brings instead of what title they have? When each person only has a title it limits their potential of doing more on a personal and professional level. In this period of time some people have a full time business and a full time job. Bring more value within the memories to your clients is what matters in a special way. What really matters is the way you see yourself. From there, it reflects outwardly in the way you look, by the actions you take and the words you speak.

Negative People Situation

The conversations people have is the self reflection being mirrored outwardly. When people don't think things are possible, it has nothing to do with you. I once had a situation where a individual was trying to boost himself up and rush me in trying to purchase his services. At the same time, condescending  on where I am at in my business and capabilities. Talking down to potential clients is not the answer to your solution. If anything, the client will run and ignore.

Another thing is sometimes, no matter what you say, the individual will be offended because they want to be. If the other individual only wants to see everything all from their perspective, the whole situation will be missed in learning from the situation. From the people who don't have self reflection, it is best to leave them learn on their own. There is nothing you can do to help them, nothing you can say to help shift them. It is their own choice to be who they choose to be. These toxic people don't understand the emotion and decisions right now. Stay with those who are with you and help you grow from all different levels.

I'd like to hear your story. How have you learned from toxic/negative people?

Focus On Happiness Instead of Your Temporary Situation

It is so easy to be swallowed up into the current state and situations to be occupied with being miserable. However why not focus on what helps others and in due time your situation will shift. As each year goes through, more stories through your efforts has impacted others, the perspective changes. In seeing things outside of yourself, the perception changes. Make sure you take the time to see beyond yourself. Things change when you see life from the other side. Also if what you have done hasn’t work, examine all of you actions. Tweek what you have done and execute. Everyone successful has to examine what works and what doesn’t. This goes for art busienss, artists of all types and so on. By putting priorities on the high level. Consistent with each step, the better weight you will have in your desires.

Your health Is Invaluable

This week I went to get medical testing done. I had to face the fact of I have to change into the person I choose to. Facing myself now in the mirror is the right thing to do. If I do not I risk the chance of having organ failure and shorter lifespan. This is not easy to do, however is the best action to take.

The way you take care of your body has everything to do with quality of life while you are here. By educating yourself, as best as you can and talking to a very experienced medical scientist is a start to having better health. It is up to you if you choose to see a doctor. No matter what listen to your body. It will tell you if you are in the right place by how you physical feel on all levels. Learn to always be consistently learning and adapting in so you will be at your peak. Feeling so healthy, strong, energetic is so precious. You don’t understand until it is gone. The sooner you take care of yourself, the sooner you will likely recover and health correctly, I’d like to hear your story on how you took charge of your health. What have you learned along this process?

The Longer You Are Here.................

Within the decades and years, everyone is either about to or has dealt with people will passing away. It brings the question of "Do I really want this" as in the experience it provides or value? What matters is you gain a lifetime of experiences you can hold within to cherish.

Recently, I was looking through my grandpa's old pictures from back in high school. As you picture yourself being in his shoes and living the life he did growing up, It is a totally different time. Back then they didn't have tv, electricity, computers, cell phones, internet, indoor plumming, refrigeration. It is awazing in examining a person's life as your own in viewing what they have experienced over 90 years. Another situation, in which is great and sad at the same time is outliving all of the family and friends you knew growing up. My grandparents have outlived so many people and I can see why they have the point of view they do.

If you have made mistakes in which we all have. Take the time to make a goal and a vow to fix the life you have while you have the opportunity. You never know when your last day will be. Treat everyone with respect. Create a rapport with as many as you can. The world is small and it all comes back around. I'd like to hear your story and point of view.