Set The Atmosphere Around You By Your Attitude

I was recently in a restaurant. There was a great server who was willing to take care of me, asked if I needed refills, and perceived to have a positive attitude in service. She is willing to accomodate what I needed in special requests easily since she has an attention to detail. I didn't want half of the things on the menu yet she didn't overcharge me for all the items I didn't want. I willingly tipped this person higher. You can tell when people choose to work and be of a great service compared to taking a long time to get back to customers. When people feel important they want to be apart of it.

In the same restaurant, another server was avoiding me, taking a long time to see how I am doing, never asked me if I needed a refill. The place was not busy, This server overcharged me for items I didn't want nor received. When you receive service like this it makes me no want to return back since the whole experience of no getting for all I purchased for.

Stay with the quality you deserve. You vote with your money.