Unforgiveness Will Tear You Down On All Levels- Forgive To Release The Internal Weight

Recently, I was in my old neighborhood. Many of the businesses were gone, the windows boarded up, and a not very many people were there. I hadn't been back in years. Even the finance company who gave me a chance was no longer there. I had gotten my first car loan through them. The chinese international buffet my family and I had all went to for easter was boarded up. The memories of my best friend passing away and in the event of last time talking with him wasn't a good situation. One this same road my best friend and his sister is buried. Already it has been seventeen almost eighteen years. It doesn't seem like this amount of time has passed.

Many decades of unforgiveness, I had inside of myself. I didn't know with all of this negative force along with holding in unforgiveness, anger, frustration, resentment, all of this would take a toll on my over all health. I saw this as just another obstacle instead of releasing of the negativity, and memories to hold myself back

. Your mind is more important then what others think. Your mind is the central foundation of who you are and the defining values you share. I had to take the time to forgive and work through all of the past negative memories. Very intense and were still lingering with the back of my mind. Remember this, this is a process worth doing for your well being of letting go and enjoying what time you have left to live.