Reward vs Risk

In pursue, of doing what you are projected to do, there is always a reward vs risk. Along the way, we make mistakes. You want others to take you seriously instead of putting you on a lower level. What counts is you taking yourself seriously with action and words to back it up. Putting in the long hours, and leverage along with others is where it matters in creating the meaning you are seeking

.Normally those who put you in a small box, perceive their own self in this way. Their perception has nothing to do with you. Other relationships will be beneficial and others are limiting. Be careful who you allow in your life. Family you inherit, friends you can choose. The perception of others is their personal choice in accepting reality as they choose. You will have to seek those who are like minded and supporting each other to thrive.

Not Enough TIme?

Time is the commodity you will wish you could get back once it is gone. Do you find yourself frustrated at how much you have to do meanwhile need more things to get to done? There comes a place where you have to ask yourself, where am I spending most of time at? Am I really happy with the time I have already spent? Is this giving me fulfillment and value?

We have to have this realization of scheduling the day in getting done what really matters. We only have so much time in a day. It could be a since of you needing to get up earlier while all is quieter and clearer in the mind. Sleepless nights can be a haunting issue mentally, emotionally, and definitely physically in energy levels while thinking of regret in wishing you could have gotten certain things accomplished. You have to say, No, to the people who are there to distract you. Distractions are what causes you to waste so much time. This includes online, face to face, waiting in line, waiting on customer service of any certain business to respond. Do work while you are waiting and keep conversations direct. Your time is the most precious asset.

Educate Yourself Every Day

Self education is more powerful then traditional education. There is a difference in learning because you are forced to and another when you have a yearning to learn more on your own time. In realizing what you equip your mind with will reinforce your body and all the functions it needs to have.

With self education, learn to listen to your body. It will tell you when something is right and when things are about to turn. For instance if you are starting to have weakness, hurting all over, chills and or a headache, learn to listen and strengthen your immune system. The sooner you know your body the sooner you will be able to attack the virus in equiping your own body to defend itself. Having down time when you work 7 days a week isn't an option to have. Study all you can about nutrition, herbs and all other viable options in keeping your health.

Do What You Don't Want To

There are times of when you don't want to do certain things. You understand in the end of it you will benefit or even others will along with yourself. Today, I chose to paint my shed. I didn't want to yet I knew it had to be done. It has needed for some time. I said to myself, this is the day I complete it. It took eight hours of work to complete it.

Although it is not perfect. The fact is I did my best to improve the overall appearance. At times you will have things come up when you didn't expect. Expenses can come up unexpected. Set as funds for emergencies and for security of mind. Having less stress when events happen will make your life go a little smoother. In situations such as this, there is always a lesson to learn even at the time you may not enjoy it. Look for the hidden lesson.

Pushing Through The Exhaustion

There has be something in you to keep on going. Everyone has many things to do. A purpose and meaning must be what pushes you to keep on going. The substance, no matter how much you are attacked even from your own family must ride or die mentality. Are you willing to push yourself to near death to accomplish your vision into reality?

Hope is pointless since you can’t measure it. With action, you can measure. The discipline is what counts. Understand what you are sacrificing to get to where you see yourself at. Your family will benefit from your discipline. By setting an example, pass on the torch you have within to your family to live on. Take great care of yourself, you only get one body. To perform, you have to push through and taking care of yourself is the foundation.

Losing The House You Grew Up In

In recent times, I have been dealing with losing the house I grew up in. My grandparents have owned this house for over 60 years. I grew up in it from til I was 12 almost 13. Throughout the years, the whole family would come here to celebrate the holidays such as thanksgiving, christmas, easter and other times. Many stories I didn't know about my grandpa. I could understand why he was in tears at nursing home. I have never seen my grandpa ever cry in all of the time I have known him.

In all the time I have known this house as my family's house. Many memories have came flooding into my mind. Many good times and bad happened there. It feels like a part of myself has ended considering the heritage of family.

My grandpa didn't think he would live this long. We all thought they would have been gone years ago. However they have outlived all of their siblings and parents. Can you picture outliving all of your siblings, and other family? It is a challenge to deal with considering, the family being in their life is all they new for decades. Have you ever experienced this? If so, I'd like to hear your feed back.

Offer A New Perception

I recently was talking with a man who is in a networking event. At first, he was trying to understand where I was coming from in my frame of mind. He was talking about joining another specified network. I said, this can be a great opportunity however it must be worth the time and effort for the right outcome.

He was mentioning being in college for engineering. Then being asked about the art I create. I said, doing sculptures is very similar to engineering. The fact you must know your materials from the metal, to the paint, anchors, pressure points. He said, I never thought about it this way. It is closer then you think by the way it is related. When meeting others, I say to myself, how can we collaborate and benefit at the same time. Both people have the driving force to succeed so why not work together.

Another nugget is, Instead of assuming everything from another person, be open to getting to know someone else and ask questions respectfully. 

Defining Your Own Voice

I recently decided to hire a person to write a book for me. From the outside she looks great in how much experience she has. I am thinking she would do an awesome job. After waiting longer then the main deadline, I received the ebook draft. It has too much fluff to where if I put this out there, it will look like I have no idea what I am talking about. I chose to rewrite it all. Making a book in which is straight to the point yet giving very valuable information is the focus.

The whole point of this book is to help other artists saving time, money, and energy. Years of trial and error I learned in doing this. Researching more information to help others and myself is the basis of the book along with my experience. I wish I had a how to guide doing this when I started. As an artist, saving money yet having the same high quality is the focus. The reputation is a large part of the final result and focal point in the life of the art collector.

Listening To The Stil Voice

With all of the technology, it has divided this generation and the younger generations after. Tv, social media, the average music has numbed us to the point we don't see the reality we are facing in front of us.  The current emotion we are in seems to be separated. Seeking the material possessions has been too much of the focus instead of the relationships we have to develop. There is a faces and or faces between what you are wanting and actually receiving.

This is more then materialism. It is the loss of knowing who you personally are.We need to see more meaningful substance in our lives. The things you say and the action you put into whichever you choose is the person you choose. Before my step dad was about to pass, something told me to dig out the driveway for my parents so if they needed to go somewhere they could.  When I came inside my parents house my stepdad was slouched over and non responsive since his body was shutting down. I had no idea he was about to pass. Listen closely to the inner voice in which tells you to help others and in your own best interest.

Hire Quality - Invest In A Higher Amount

In hiring, how much you pay and personal screening to see the qualifications. However, the actions and results are what you are looking for. Treat who ever you hire with respect as if you are on the other end. The more hungry the person is the better results will happen.

Don't be too cheap. Tell the people who are interested, you will started at a lower price at first. Once they have proved their self being reliable and do quality work the wages will go up. Remember who ever you hire will be the reflection on who you are so pick the best ones to team up with. Two out of the five people who I hired finished the job I assigned them.

One out of the five got the job done before the deadline. I gave him a great review. Also give encouragement in what they are doing right. From time to time give constructive criticism and be very clear in direction. The better instructions you give and information you bring the better the final result will be. I told the guy who got done first before anyone, he will be the first pick before anyone else. Despite how challenging the tasks were he kept on going until it looks great. Listen to what they say and how it aligns with what you are doing in looking for the best fit.