Focusing On What's Not Important

What is the point of focusing on if another person has (job). A job is not who the person is. This is only an activity they choose to do within a certain frame of time. I find too many others tie personal worth to a job when as the world knows, could be here today and gone tomorrow. Especially in this ever evolving world now.

Why not focus on the value each person brings instead of what title they have? When each person only has a title it limits their potential of doing more on a personal and professional level. In this period of time some people have a full time business and a full time job. Bring more value within the memories to your clients is what matters in a special way. What really matters is the way you see yourself. From there, it reflects outwardly in the way you look, by the actions you take and the words you speak.

Negative People Situation

The conversations people have is the self reflection being mirrored outwardly. When people don't think things are possible, it has nothing to do with you. I once had a situation where a individual was trying to boost himself up and rush me in trying to purchase his services. At the same time, condescending  on where I am at in my business and capabilities. Talking down to potential clients is not the answer to your solution. If anything, the client will run and ignore.

Another thing is sometimes, no matter what you say, the individual will be offended because they want to be. If the other individual only wants to see everything all from their perspective, the whole situation will be missed in learning from the situation. From the people who don't have self reflection, it is best to leave them learn on their own. There is nothing you can do to help them, nothing you can say to help shift them. It is their own choice to be who they choose to be. These toxic people don't understand the emotion and decisions right now. Stay with those who are with you and help you grow from all different levels.

I'd like to hear your story. How have you learned from toxic/negative people?

Focus On Happiness Instead of Your Temporary Situation

It is so easy to be swallowed up into the current state and situations to be occupied with being miserable. However why not focus on what helps others and in due time your situation will shift. As each year goes through, more stories through your efforts has impacted others, the perspective changes. In seeing things outside of yourself, the perception changes. Make sure you take the time to see beyond yourself. Things change when you see life from the other side. Also if what you have done hasn’t work, examine all of you actions. Tweek what you have done and execute. Everyone successful has to examine what works and what doesn’t. This goes for art busienss, artists of all types and so on. By putting priorities on the high level. Consistent with each step, the better weight you will have in your desires.

Your health Is Invaluable

This week I went to get medical testing done. I had to face the fact of I have to change into the person I choose to. Facing myself now in the mirror is the right thing to do. If I do not I risk the chance of having organ failure and shorter lifespan. This is not easy to do, however is the best action to take.

The way you take care of your body has everything to do with quality of life while you are here. By educating yourself, as best as you can and talking to a very experienced medical scientist is a start to having better health. It is up to you if you choose to see a doctor. No matter what listen to your body. It will tell you if you are in the right place by how you physical feel on all levels. Learn to always be consistently learning and adapting in so you will be at your peak. Feeling so healthy, strong, energetic is so precious. You don’t understand until it is gone. The sooner you take care of yourself, the sooner you will likely recover and health correctly, I’d like to hear your story on how you took charge of your health. What have you learned along this process?

The Longer You Are Here.................

Within the decades and years, everyone is either about to or has dealt with people will passing away. It brings the question of "Do I really want this" as in the experience it provides or value? What matters is you gain a lifetime of experiences you can hold within to cherish.

Recently, I was looking through my grandpa's old pictures from back in high school. As you picture yourself being in his shoes and living the life he did growing up, It is a totally different time. Back then they didn't have tv, electricity, computers, cell phones, internet, indoor plumming, refrigeration. It is awazing in examining a person's life as your own in viewing what they have experienced over 90 years. Another situation, in which is great and sad at the same time is outliving all of the family and friends you knew growing up. My grandparents have outlived so many people and I can see why they have the point of view they do.

If you have made mistakes in which we all have. Take the time to make a goal and a vow to fix the life you have while you have the opportunity. You never know when your last day will be. Treat everyone with respect. Create a rapport with as many as you can. The world is small and it all comes back around. I'd like to hear your story and point of view.

The Disbelief Of Others

It is easier to disbelieve everything then to prove it. Putting in the time and effort, others only what you have done in front of their eyes. No matter how much work and effort you have put in, other people including your family wont get it. They haven't ever been where you are at, nor put in the work you have. Having the courage to believe in yourself is all you need.

The main fact is, develop your mission to serve your right target audience and talk to your right clients.Those are the ones you matter the most. The people who tell you, this or that will never happen is showing their personal views, not reality.Those who talk down to you are normally the ones who are you not your clients and aren't going to pay your bills with nor give the long lasting support you need to grow your business. You mission is where it all starts from. It is who you are.

Stolen From/Learning Experience

Years ago my art was stolen from 1993 to 2004 period of time. At first I wasn’t happy about it and the same time, glad it happen at the certain time. This art was from when I was using it for therapy. A lot of negative and other emotion experiences. Then I thougt to myself, I get a chase to have a clearn slate in starting from scratch. I wouldn’t have the reminders of the past.

In starting with a new clean slate, I have room to work on and the opportunities to open the empathic abilities to help others. This event was one of the defining moments in my life. It brings the mindset of breaking away from being held back creatively, and many others ways.

Is there a defining moment in your life you would like to share? I’d like to hear your story.

Have A Valid Point

I care for my family however they don’t understand when I am working, they competely ignore. They don’t understand nor really care I need complete focus, they disregard everything. One of them has a temper and likes to argue over the smallest of things. This person did go to anger management yet hasn’t owned up to their own responses and wants to point the finger at everyone else. If she doesn’t take ownership over her life she will have to find out the hard way.

If you argue and fight over the smallest of things then there must be a larger issue looking in the mirror. It has nothing to do with winning the argue. Ask yourself why am I arguing in the first place? Yes we all have times of when we want to do certain things in the moment, however weighing in on it is better worth it to know the aftermath.

I started baking recently................

Many years ago, I used to bake a lot more. I was looking at the box mixes and didn’t like all the extra ingredients. By choosing better ingredients the final result is what you are looking for. The first batch turned out good in a smaller quantity. The second batch was much larger. It was ok however I am making this for others so I know they will want it sweeter and softer.

Experimenting at first is more important to improve before bring it out for others to try. I want to offer my best since I choose to bring this perception to others who encounter myself and what I am offering. After all, this is piece of who I am beyond just the food. The joy and pleasure to offer is here when I bring it on the final mastering. Until then I will continue to work on it.

Offer your best in honest upfront expression.

Is that a cucumber?

One time, I was at a show. This lady come up to me and said is this a cucumber? I thought it was funny. I said, Is it on fire cucumber? I was joking. She could tell I wasn’t serious. Then I could tell she was serious. She then said. This work reminds me of my most favorite boss she ever had. He would always eat big salads. The piece reminds her of the best time of her life around her best boss she ever had.

From this, I started thinking, What can I do for others in helping to preserve a symbol of their loved one in art? We all want to keep the best times and a lifetime of memories in our mind. It is invaluable through the experiences we enjoy in the moment. That time we will never get back and at the same time. We love our loved ones we have lost. I can identify with this all too much. I miss many people who have passed away. This is a part of why I create art. Helping others to heal and process the loss to work through emotional,psychological barriers we have to evolve through. Seeing funerals, it brings a perspective in the value of time and relationships.