Give From Your Heart To Others Who Least Expect It

Make it a part of your life to give a certain portion of your work to others who least expect and appreciate you. One time I was in a laundromat and looked at a bulletin board. I look at where I can help others by reading it and how we can collaborate. I saw a flyer of this lady who went through chemo and were looking for ways to raise funds for pay for the medical debt. When the auction was the same day I looked at the flyer and had already taken place. I thought, hey, why not call this number and see when I help this family. They were not expecting it. I said to them, my community came to help me when I least expected it in helping my family. I am truly grateful for this in taking care of the funeral of my step dad. Because of them, it inspired me to give back even more. There is no way I could repay them back for what they did.

When you give you see this pure joy in their facial expression. It builds a lifetime of memories. Give with a pure heart instead of only in what you will get in return even though it will always return back in some way back in due time.