A Tribute To Bruce Grey

I first met Bruce through a good friend of mine, Johnny. We are all fellow visual artists. Bruce is a great man who was always upfront and straight forward. He had a great sense of humor. Bruce first was on the east coast then moved to Los Angeles. Bruce and his metal sculptures have been in Geico commericals, tv shows, and many more scenes. He had been an visual artist for over 30 years.

Earlier this year, he mentioned about having cancer and having aggressive chemotherapy treatments, Bruce is a veteran and was getting treatment from the Va. I thought to he had overcome this cancer. At one point he did have cancer and overcame the cancer for a time and it came back shortly after. Bruce is a celebrity and a legend in my book for the art world and on a personal one on one friendship. Thank you, Bruce for the great quality time, sharing of knowledge, and showing new aspects.

Farewell, Bruce, You will be remembered.

Ask Yourself, What Can I Do For Others?

Only focusing on what you are getting out of a relationship especially with growing a business is a recipe for failure. Think about it if everyone is coming up to you and asking for something for nothing in every interaction, wouldn’t it push you away? With all of the highly successful people others are throwing themselves at them trying to get their business. It is like asking someone to marry you when you only met a few minutes ago.

Take time to get to know people and understand who they are. Once you get to know who they are, in due time, you will be able to help them on a personal level and have their contacts in the right moment after trust and rapport is built. Picture yourself as being highly successful and in their shoes, would you give away all of your contacts for nothing after you worked years to decades to acquire them. No, there is no way, you’d give away all of the countless hours of work to get to where you are at. It is about earning and building trust over time. Be patient, realize these are humans like yourself. In the end, everyone will benefit. Make sure everyone benefits and you will have repeat business with long term growth.

Value Yourself/ In Due Time Others Will Too

Many people don’t value who they are nor ask the right questions to discover who they are. In the daily grind, most are mentally stuck in only surviving. Why not do more then what is asked? Do you want to be forgotten just like the services you have received in your past? Would you want to be given an experience of low quality when it all falls apart or are you going to decide to give what you want to receive? Do you want to be proud of what you have done?

Asking the right questions to yourself and others who are around you is critical to doing better then other businesses around. Decide to make your connection worth having by showing the upfront and long term benefits. Another is even if you can’t use a certain business services, maybe someone else in your network and or another who you come across will. With giving quality referrals, your value will gain higher value over time and from this you will have much more referrals. What matters is building relationships, confidence, and longer list of referrals over time to be the asset everyone seeks after.

Part TIme Or Full Time?

I have been asked countless of times when presenting my work this question. The right question is how can I help you and benefit you. Too many people like to label everything in their perspective then actually challenging their value system. People say, I can’t afford this or that or the other. Why not ask, what do I have to do in order to afford is being seeked. Everyone has a point of transition in beliefs and or perception changes over the decades. As you honestly look at the difference among people.

Why ask a self lmiting question to yourself and or to others? In fact, why not question the questions you are asking. The quality of your questions will become the answer you find. Instead of only looking at the hours you work and or dedicate to your mission why not ask the question of, how many people did I impact. Also the better you do, the more trolls you will come across. i found this out personally. Don’y feed the trolls to get a rise out of you when you are putting in your best work and effort with doing the life’s mission.

Remember where you came from and to never go back as a force tp push you forward.

Put In Your Best Effort

At certain times of when no matter how hard you work it falls apart. You have to roll with the punches. Learn the most you can where you are and the mistakes made. I have had my far share of mistakes. It is ok to make mistakes, just be open to taking ownership of yourself in good and bad. People have to understand there are high and low points for a reason. The honest test is to test who we are and the process of going through challenges.

One thing I learned is to not expect everyone to support me. It is not a good idea to wait for support when you have to build it up and over time you will have the long term support you seek. Too many people are focused on what can they receive vs. what can they give. The producer mentality is superior to the consumer mentality. North american made a huge mistake in thinking we are so much further ahead of other countries to then become relaxed in allowing other countries to surpass the usa. I know with all of us working together we can become a much better society and start being a producer instead of only a consumer.

Choose To Be With Quality People

Those are driven, willing to help people as muchas they can are those who you want to be in your circle. At the same time choose to be the one who is willing to help others as much as you can. Years later, after you are remembered by the service and or helping another person, it will come back. Either way, it is the character in which matters. Choose to model the person you want to be around. Those quality people will arrive in your life in due time.

Earlier today, I was talking to this young man and said to him. Make sure you take great care of your clients, expecially new clients. Never be stingy or even give the sense of being stingy. If the client feels this way, this will be their one and only transaction with you. Show you honestly care about who you are taking care of. People can see it a mile away if you are being real or don’t back it up. Only say what you are willing to back up. You want the trust to build over time. It takes years of work to build the trust and ruining it in a certain is not worth it. In a bad situation, with your client if you don’t take the time to fix it the best you can, your client will tell everyone else. You want to give your best every time.

Build Your Belief In Yourself

Too many people like to always have the approval of everyone else before accepting their self. If everyone in the world waited on the approval of all of the world nothing would have gotten accomplished. The self lmitin beliefs run so strong this year by year and people wonder why things haven’t been accomplished. isThe subconscious mind runs on autopilot and the conscience is actively uses a small percentage of the brain. The subconscious is already programmed from childhood.

The main point is to accept and love yourself where you are. You deserve to love and accept yourself enough to be self driven with valuing your opinion. Ask yourself, Am I have the right conversations with others and myself day in and day out? Why not build yourself up. I have to push myself to keep on going however I understand people need what I have to offfer in this hurting world who needs healing and a mission to serve others. I’d like to hear your thoughts. What are you most proud of overcoming?

Don't Value People Who Write You Off

Today, I was in a networking event. First time I came and was invited by a fellow business owner,. He was not able to be there in the event. I went to expand my network. Normally for visual artists the general public writes them off since they don’t see the value in what visual artists bring let along qualify to purchase art. Don’t pay attention to the people who write you off and reject you. Side with those who are open and willing to support your mission and give back.

Another is as an visual artist, people think we are giving everything away for free. We are not here for charity or even giving everything away. Everything has a cost. If you go to any store, they will not let you have everything for free. Why should any artist give away all of the hours, money, and energy to have it all gone. Yes, There is a time to give back, however this is on your own terms without being asked. I do enjoy giving just not the art I have put years of work to be where I am now,. The moral of the story is stay with those who value you and your story. The people who write you off are not those who you are want in your life., Those who helpk you grow and expand in all aspects are golden and gladly replenish it toward them and their life.

A Look At Last My Former Self

Have you ever thought about your actions and thoughts in your past and cringed at who you were at the time? The thought has came across my mind. The process happens over time. Changed and shifting into the person you see yourself as is just as crucial to who you are right now. Everyone who has attempted in going toward their dream such as a business, no matter if you are an entrepreneur, an artist, business owner, investor, etc, will fail at sometime. Many people look at artists and ask where is the money and how much money are you making? The right question is what are you doing to be successful such as work, connections, and long term clients.

Only doing a job is small compared to having a operating a business 24-7. Even for those who are working 6 or 7 days a week, it is going to take more energy and time then is honestly recognized, until, each person has been there personally. In everything, there is always a risk. Having a job, you can be fired at any moment, your company or business can easily shut down without any prior notice. The same with a business except you are the one who is in charge 24 - 7. Having this freedom comes with large responsibilities.

Be careful who you listen to since most of the time, they have no real interest in you or your business. Build relationships with those who are willing to support each others business. I enjoy help fellow businesses come up with ideas to honestly help them in their target market. Having the challenge to help others is what I like to do. In the same respect others have come to brainstorm together.

I want to say thank you to the people who have been there with me all these years. I appreciate your support from all sides.

Capturing (Now)

Focusing on the past and the future has the largest piece we have to see in front of us. Yes, there is a time to see yourself in a different place however working on the now is where things honestly shift. Thinking about why my collectors purchase the work I have, I see the work I do as the piece of a memory they remember and want to hold onto or to the memory they want to create.

Capturing now is the building blocks of where we have to be in order to enjoy the now. If we don’t enjoy the now what do we have now or in the future looking upon it? Tell everyone how thankful you are for who they are and what they have done for you on their own choice. Offer to help them in their time of need. You were once in their shoes. Value the time you spend with your loved ones since you never know when it could be your last. Stay around the people who value you and what you have to offer instead of those who don’t believe in you or their own selves. It will rub off. Capture today and each day.