What You Schedule Is Your Priorities And Values

All of us have busy times. However when you schedule your day in advance you will accomplish more in the time you have alloted. Letting your time slip by will result in regret on wishing you would have gotten more of what you desire to complete. Set earlier time to get up. Seeing the sunrise as you take a walk is refreshing since you got a chance to see what most people wont because their own choices.

By being disciplined it will help you to focus on what is most important in your life. Having your life become a giant blur is what too many people do when they can savor what they have. The thought process of when you are young is completely different when you are much older. Being younger you think of only making a paycheck and as you get older, experiences become more valuable since you see time as limited. Make the most of the time you have and in the positive energy and health you have as much as you can.

The Cycle Of Living LIfe

As you look at families all over the world, a cycle has been in full motion since the beginning of time. With my grandparents, it is so strange with their house being sold after over 60 years. It is funny how you learn a lot more about people when going through their possessions in a respectful way and to have those memories held further then the life expectancy of loved ones

.Flashbacks happen, with them and of the house you grew up in throughout the decades. Think about them in the period of time they grew up in. In looking at others, you see yourself in their place. Can you see yourself living past 100 years old and still be fully functional? Much of technology and the way society functions are different with a fast pace. Although some of the older ways are better compared to the new.

A Different Perspective Of The Creative

I have noticed too many artists like to measure up other artists. It doesn't matter other then do they have goals and are they working on them. The size of their studio, where they work, and so on doesn't matter. The whole focus needs to be building relationships, and how can I help you where you are. A status is honestly a waste of time. What you create as an visual artist is about the experience people connect with in order to want to be apart the art.

The mere asking the other artist in  asking you how much money do you make, were your studio is, what your achievements are is a sign of insecurity. They don't believe in their own ability so they look outwardly. Even in the perspective of seeing others isn't the fact of self doubt. It needs to be I can accomplish this since this person has already. A victimhood mentality by negatively measuring everyone else up compared to pushing yourself since for a fact it has already been done.

A Predicament/Dilemma

As I work so much, I hardly see my family. If I am around my family I can't work around them since major distractions prohibit myself from being productive. I understand family time is to be cherished. In working so much, I will admit to missing my family even though they don't understand how much work and dedication it takes in putting it in for years for a business. It is a common inner conflict in running a business or see.I make certain times when I help my family throughout the week.

I wouldn't be able to do it nearly as much as my family would like. They always seem amazed at how much work I do since I have a purpose on who I am and what I do. A personal stardard in my ability to contribute and work. I will have to look at times of when I can take a short break to make time for my family since we only get one.

A Subject Being Introduced

I was talking to someone and they were looking at my content. They said, I need to talk about loneliness more directly. Why talk about things in which are so negative. Words are powerful and in speaking it is drawing more of what you are saying. We all have gifts, too many glaze over them since they don't feel their gifts aren't valuable. Yes, nearly every human has experienced loneliness. It is how you define it instead of becoming obsessed with this intense emotion. Which emotion would you honestly pick to experience, Euphoria, or only painful torment as loneliness can be?

In my gifts such as being an visual artist it brings sheer joy. This is what I have for the world and bringer a higher energy. I honestly don't feel I would be alive if it I didn't do art. By doing art, it has helped me in countless ways. Being constructive in the current world is an asset instead of surrounding all you know as destruction.

As of lately, I have been adding in more stories about my family and what is going on to add a perspective for you. For a huge part of my life I was extremely negative. I had so much baggage and needed to forgive many people along with releasing my pent up anger. I chose to forgive, give closer to others, mend what I could in the time I had in order to become the person I know today.

Be Honest With Yourself

In starting in being honest with ourselves, it is not going to pretty however it is what we need to hear. Learning to take better care of each one of us from all aspects is going to evolve in being mentally transparent with personal intimacy with our own self. We do have pain, it is pointless to waste time being surrounded by it. The process of healing is a hear to aide all aspects in being ready and willing.

We all have triggers unknowingly connected to certain times in our life even in the slightest in the realm of what our mind understand can bring back flashbacks. It is essential to dig deep within ourselves in answering the questions we have. The environment we are in is a large influence since the subconscious mind is always open. It is our choice in holding what is dear within us. In all honesty, what is held in each one of us disperses all around by what is accepted. We must be honest with ourselves in order to have the life we seek for the now and the future.

Work Until You Find What Works

In the methods and techniques haven't worked then go to what is new and study what does work. The failure is only temporary. Bumps will happen. Learn from your mistakes. If you need to apologize to certain people do it since the world is so small. Everyone knows someone around the world to connect together in any given time. Get to know operating costs, Source your own products with the same great quality. Always maintain the same quality if not upgrade within certain amount of time.I

went through so many galleries and those didn't accept my work. I am fine with rejection. This means when I see a yes, the yes will be more meaningful with a better match. Pick and choose the best people you can.  Be mentored my mentors without them knowing by making it natural. Also offer what you have instead of asking something for nothing. Your mentors or even potential mentors have a busy schedule and remember they don't have to help you at all. They don't owe you anything. In free will they choose to help you on their terms. Having a humble personality will go a long ways.

Be Grateful In All You Have, Yet Push Yourself

I want to take the time to say thank you all who have been supporting me through all means. I appreciate you all. Tell others you are grateful for what who they are and what they have done for you. Thank you to my family, friends, business owners, and supporters in being there in giving from materials, encouragement, and contacts. I am willing to help you when you need it. Having a strong network no matter who you are is invaluable.

For myself, I always want to push myself to do more since I have an infinite hunger to achieve more and give back more to those who need. Watching the sheer joy on people's faces in receiving a blessing right in the time they need it, is a gift in itself. We all have been there and learned a lot from these experiences. The act of giving is infinitely more powerful then only receiving.

As A Artist, Show Up = Being A Dedicated Professional In Action

The whole stereotype of how the artists don't show and are unpredictable. Not showing up and or cancelling constantly will bring doubt in how serious you are. No one wants to be around flaky people in building relationships. In you not showing up the time agreed upon it makes the whole art world look bad even though, there are very dedicated artists across the world. With work and dedication others will see it over time in developing trust. If you are constantly start/stop all the time, it shows you are not serious in their own eyes. Doing the start/stop reflects how you see your own business

.Ask yourself, Do you have a mission to propel you forward no matter what comes your way? If you are only here for the trends, you will be out of business just like all of the other entrepreneurs. The whole imagery of starving artist is even more prevailant in the entreprenuers/business owners.

More people need think about this instead of only a small section when the questions need to be asked on a wider scale.No matter what mission you have, prove it to yourself and potiential clients you are here for the long haul. To be seen as an asset for the global community.

Celebrating Life's Moments

Today is my grandpa's birthday. He turned 92 today. I bought a handmade cake from a local bakery. I wanted to make sure I bring the best cake I could since we don't know how long he will be alive. Yes, he is in great health. Yes, we all have regrets in wishing we spent more time with family. In the end of life there is nothing you can do to bring back that time. The respect of your own choices is what it has to be in order to have closure

.Focus on the happiest times of your life and lessons being learned. Being in euphoria brings your energy to the next level instead of focusing on the most painful. Although there is value in seeing your most painful moments in your life, why not bring happiness to yourself by magnifying them to others.