What Do You Want Out Of Life?

Have you taken the time to ask yourself, What do you want out of your life and what are you willing to commit to? These are important questions to ask. At times, it can be so easy to go through the motions of working especially in the general society. Focus on shifting to what you have to have without any doubt. When you become crystal clear, your life starts to get the momentum over time.

Seek Inspiration Through Lessons Being Learned

There are so many things to learn from in hardships, challenges, family, friends. By focusing your mind on inspiration you will find what you need since it will come to you in due time when you least expect it. For me, inspiration comes to me a lot when I am in the shower. For you, it will depend on what you feel is the most comfortable. Try out different spaces and where you fit in te best. You will be amazed when you hit in the zone and being on fire within your imagination seeking the inspiration you yearn for.

Choose Your Influences Wisely

The people who you choose to listen to are those who absorb into your mind. The conversation others have is the world they create as they see it. Why not be around those who help you and each other. Choose to be productive every day and every moment as best as you can. A lifetime commitment to being around those reaching higher by setting goals and putting in the effort is where you want to be. Moving toward where you see yourself in a positive way is far greater then going backwards. It is worth your energy and invaluable time to pursue.

Listen To Your Calling

By quieting your mind and environment, your direction will be come clearer and more defined. With all of the noise and bustle of every day in being so busy, it is easy to become distracted. Silence it all, get rid of the television. You will be amazed at how much more productive you are without it. Also experimenting can help you find your purpose with dedication and work putting into it. I didn't find my true purpose until I explored myself and what I see myself doing until years later. Defining yourself is a whole new world once you see it in front of you.

The Creative Mind Has The Power In Being the Solution

In having the majority of the arts programs being defunded, aren't we suffering by stifling the mental growth of this generation and the next? Why not have more programs outside of the school system to develop this generation for the next so it will be funded locally instead of through the schools? What is comes down to is more then just cutting arts. It is the faculties to equip for their future in which they are going to be taking care of us in the very near future. Don't we want to be the generation to take responsiblity in knowing we are doing the right thing for them?

Your Loved Ones Want The Best For You

We all the loss from loved ones who have since passed away. Closure can take years especially when the last interaction wasn't good. When my best friend who I grew up with passed away in a car accident, it didn't seem real at the time. I had moved away and wanted to spend more time with him on the weekends.  We had so many great times through out the years. I took him to church. Also had the best 12th birthday ever with him. Even in the fact I didn't have closure for years until I was ready to heal, having to understand he is no longer here. However I know he wants the best for me because he is that kind of person. We all have questions in how things happen and different senarios. The fact is we have to work with what happened and make the best of what time we have left. 

It Is Time To Come Back

At times, down times happen. Remember this is temporary. When no one believes in you including family and friends, still keep on pushing forward. Do you want to look back on your life and wish you would have done what you yearn for most? This the question staring at you every day in the mirror. You have to decide what is most worth it to you in your life. On the strategies in which dont work, scrap them and start over fresh with a new slate. Make sure you take great care of yourself so you can do as much as possible to enjoy life now.

As You Get Opportunities, Bring Others With You

In each opportunity I see, I ask myself who will benefit most from this or who fits well into this. You never know, you may need an opportunity or looking for one and it shows up at the right time you need it. I believe you have to give before you receive. Others have to see you are worth the effort in how they are benefiting from your relationship first before wanting to welcome you to their circle. Decide to get to know others and let others in because you never know who could be knocking on your door with the opportunity you have been looking for years to get into. It is a small world. What you plant, you will reap. Plant the best you can to see it grow for years to come.

Learn To Say No

In keeping your focus on what you are looking for and working toward instead of easily being sidetracked, the goals you have will become more clear in chipping away at them. With all of this technology and connection, it is a distraction and you can't offerd it financially, mentally, and physically. In the same mindset, when you have to stick to a certain way of eating for your health, you understand this is for your own benefit so you can be and do better instead of having too much down time by neglecting your body. Remember you only have one body, you must take care of it. I have made mistakes myself, however, every day it is a choice to do the best I can. Study the people who are over 100 years old and adapt your life to live a higher quality life so you can feel at the top level as much as possible.

Keep On Chipping Away

When you are first starting hardly anyone is coming, Remain dedicated and focused on how to grow the group you are starting. See what you have in your mind as real and benefiting as many people as possible. There will be those who show up faithfully and those who cancel at the last minute everytime. Don't take it personally when the cancel. Keep on aligning with those who have the same values as yourself. Be patient and put in the work. Failure is the learning off of the choices you have made. Ask those people who are your network, what would you like to see and the best times to meet, that way. You can improve, ask and observe what do work and what doesn't.