Don't Value People Who Write You Off

Today, I was in a networking event. First time I came and was invited by a fellow business owner,. He was not able to be there in the event. I went to expand my network. Normally for visual artists the general public writes them off since they don’t see the value in what visual artists bring let along qualify to purchase art. Don’t pay attention to the people who write you off and reject you. Side with those who are open and willing to support your mission and give back.

Another is as an visual artist, people think we are giving everything away for free. We are not here for charity or even giving everything away. Everything has a cost. If you go to any store, they will not let you have everything for free. Why should any artist give away all of the hours, money, and energy to have it all gone. Yes, There is a time to give back, however this is on your own terms without being asked. I do enjoy giving just not the art I have put years of work to be where I am now,. The moral of the story is stay with those who value you and your story. The people who write you off are not those who you are want in your life., Those who helpk you grow and expand in all aspects are golden and gladly replenish it toward them and their life.

A Look At Last My Former Self

Have you ever thought about your actions and thoughts in your past and cringed at who you were at the time? The thought has came across my mind. The process happens over time. Changed and shifting into the person you see yourself as is just as crucial to who you are right now. Everyone who has attempted in going toward their dream such as a business, no matter if you are an entrepreneur, an artist, business owner, investor, etc, will fail at sometime. Many people look at artists and ask where is the money and how much money are you making? The right question is what are you doing to be successful such as work, connections, and long term clients.

Only doing a job is small compared to having a operating a business 24-7. Even for those who are working 6 or 7 days a week, it is going to take more energy and time then is honestly recognized, until, each person has been there personally. In everything, there is always a risk. Having a job, you can be fired at any moment, your company or business can easily shut down without any prior notice. The same with a business except you are the one who is in charge 24 - 7. Having this freedom comes with large responsibilities.

Be careful who you listen to since most of the time, they have no real interest in you or your business. Build relationships with those who are willing to support each others business. I enjoy help fellow businesses come up with ideas to honestly help them in their target market. Having the challenge to help others is what I like to do. In the same respect others have come to brainstorm together.

I want to say thank you to the people who have been there with me all these years. I appreciate your support from all sides.

Capturing (Now)

Focusing on the past and the future has the largest piece we have to see in front of us. Yes, there is a time to see yourself in a different place however working on the now is where things honestly shift. Thinking about why my collectors purchase the work I have, I see the work I do as the piece of a memory they remember and want to hold onto or to the memory they want to create.

Capturing now is the building blocks of where we have to be in order to enjoy the now. If we don’t enjoy the now what do we have now or in the future looking upon it? Tell everyone how thankful you are for who they are and what they have done for you on their own choice. Offer to help them in their time of need. You were once in their shoes. Value the time you spend with your loved ones since you never know when it could be your last. Stay around the people who value you and what you have to offer instead of those who don’t believe in you or their own selves. It will rub off. Capture today and each day.

Show Who You Are

For many people, they like to keep their personality to their self. In choosing to do this, the opportunities to really be yourself is lost in those certain moments. The act of asking the questions to yourself, What is this worth to me in the long run? Do I choose to hold everything in, and feel stuck or do I choose to be who I am in the natural flow? Every day we have to make a right decision.

In deciding to be ourselves, the doors open to bein much happier knowing you are the person you see yourself as. No one wants to feel trapped at any age. By quietly listening to yourself, the answers will come on in your own timing and terms. I was afraid to be myself for many years and had so many blockages through negative self limiting beliefs. Making myself and others feel significant is essential to a part of living a better fulfilled life. Choose to do this today, and every day from now on. You don’t know when your last day will be. There is no guarantee for tommorrow or even next year. Make it count now.

Significance We All Seek

As I go through and ask the question from the collector’s mind in who purchases my art, I can see they want to feel powerful and significant. Being in their last part of their life, a legacy is where they want to live a happier and more fulfilled life. For the small time in which is precious, their time wants to be cherished.

Many people have so many regrets. Having clarity, the right message will help guide them in the right direction in previously had so much self limiting beliefs never would have went for their best life. The past influences kept on holding and beating them down instead of saying, Yes, In saying Yes, to what invaluble time you have left to give, build their own influence on others is more valuable then what any physical possessions they have worked decades to have in hand. The question is, What is the dream and desire you have wanted and wished you could have done years to decades ago?

Build Your Self Belief/Self-Worth

From day to day too people like push everyone into a label when as we all know, you are more then just what you do day in and day out. There will always be noise in the background. Clear it out of your mind. Why should you let the noise affect you when you have a gift to develop. With so much to do and accomplish knock one thing out at a time and or hire others to help you. Stay calm and focused no matter how challenging it is.

At the same time, listen to those who value you, are here to help you grow where you are at. Having the decernment is critical in knowing where to apply. The right questions you ask yourself. Realize the drive you have in your inner self is the foundation of yourself. Why not take time each day in morning by getting up early to dedicate to your happiness. By getting up early, everyone else is not awake and you will have the focus with peace and quiet you strive. Yes it will be challenging, however with discipline you will be grateful in time to work on your goals. Your time is precious and worth more then any amount of money. Make it worth while for you and all who are surrounding.

A Time To Complete What You've Always Wanted To

The question of “When am I going to make the time to do this'?’ Many people have this question since we live in a ever so busy world of work. For one, there has to a underlying reason why do we want to either work on it and or complete the hand. Make it a goal to use work on it the first thing in the morning before your day starts. Get up early intentionally before anyone else to have your quiet time. Yes, at first it will seem like a large challenge to get up however the discipline has to be there. You will be thanking yourself later on.

By working on what you have wanted to for months, a sense of progress forms. Instead of a sense of regret from procrastination. We all have this need to want to feel we are progressing. What do you want in your life? Do you want to accomplish a certain aspect you wish you could have years ago? Take the time today to say from now on, this is my time to have my most fulfilling life ever from now on. You deserve to have a great life and be willing to put in the work to ensure your fu ture from today on. Love and accept yourself every day where you are at. Be careful in what you feed your mind with since it will reflect from you to everyone around you.

The Answer Is In Front of You

As a mentality I see plaguing so much of society is pointing the finger at everyone else except for the person in the mirror. It is the victim mentality. Do these people understand if they take ownership over their life and actions, life as they see it, flip a 180 in a completely different direction. Happiness and contentment is waiting for each person who decides to take charge of their life instead of being ran over every day in and day out. I used to think this way until I received an awakening.

One person I was talking to said, “If everyone else does their “Job”, I said to this individual, that is an excuse to point the finger at everyone else except for yourself. You can’t control what everyone else does, however, you can control what you do. If you honestly make the time to do what you need to do no matter how busy you are it will get done. From there they improved and took ownership of theirself.

By accepting where you are, what you have, and where you choose to go is a large part of taking control over your life. Seeking what have been the triggered issues from your childhood and the snowballing events over the years to decades lies the answers you are asking for. In the words we use and how is is spoken is the current state we have chosen to project. Reading :Code To Joy” book has helped me to heal and dig deeper in which I should have over a decade ago. The main choice now is I have chosen to do something about it now instead of letting my life go by. You owe it to yourself to dig deep and answer your issues by learning more about yourself. In learning about who you are , you will become a better version of yourself by asking honest questions.

An Outsider Looking In

Day in and day out we repeat outselves within our mind. Self talk is so important. Take the time to honestly listen to others. They may not have anyone to listen and being a person who can help them is another great attribute. At the time same, the other person has to want to receive help in order to get it.

The way we talk and in what is said is a measurement of where we are in the mindset. Recently, i was listening to somoene and I could feel the negative energy from them strong. I said to them with respect, you have self limiting beliefs. Money shouldn’t be the focus and is only the symptom. Creating a mission is so important to the foundation of any business and or company. People purchase when there is a message and a need to be honestly delivered. Having an outsider to bring to light of what you need to shift and change is someone you will always need in your life., Yes it is not pleasant however, it is what you need to hear. You can see and know they care about you with your well being at the center.

Today, tell whoever the outsider thank you for being there and listening to with your best well being at heart. I want to see your succeed in what you desire. I appreciate all of you in being there to support all I do. I’d like to hear your point of view. and comments.

Grateful For Everything

Recently there were some tornadoes in which went through close to where I live. Thankfully, my house wasn’t affected. I am grateful to have all I do. Too many people take for granted a roof over their head, food, and clothing. Many other countries don’t have enough because of the poverty levels. Every day in the morning make a list of three things you are thankful for and do this for a year without repeating yourself, you will be surprised at how much you come up with.

From this, I am thankful for the opportunities to be a solution for clients and others. I am grateful for the ability to be resourceful instead of saying what I don’t have. Anyone who is successful had to make do and leverage all they have to get to where they desire. I am thankful for having physical strength and endurance. People Won’t understand how great it is to have a ton of long lasting energy.until it is gone. Having the mindset of being grateful is a start to a life of abundance we seek.