A Time To Complete What You've Always Wanted To

The question of “When am I going to make the time to do this'?’ Many people have this question since we live in a ever so busy world of work. For one, there has to a underlying reason why do we want to either work on it and or complete the task.at hand. Make it a goal to use work on it the first thing in the morning before your day starts. Get up early intentionally before anyone else to have your quiet time. Yes, at first it will seem like a large challenge to get up however the discipline has to be there. You will be thanking yourself later on.

By working on what you have wanted to for months, a sense of progress forms. Instead of a sense of regret from procrastination. We all have this need to want to feel we are progressing. What do you want in your life? Do you want to accomplish a certain aspect you wish you could have years ago? Take the time today to say from now on, this is my time to have my most fulfilling life ever from now on. You deserve to have a great life and be willing to put in the work to ensure your fu ture from today on. Love and accept yourself every day where you are at. Be careful in what you feed your mind with since it will reflect from you to everyone around you.

The Answer Is In Front of You

As a mentality I see plaguing so much of society is pointing the finger at everyone else except for the person in the mirror. It is the victim mentality. Do these people understand if they take ownership over their life and actions, life as they see it, flip a 180 in a completely different direction. Happiness and contentment is waiting for each person who decides to take charge of their life instead of being ran over every day in and day out. I used to think this way until I received an awakening.

One person I was talking to said, “If everyone else does their “Job”, I said to this individual, that is an excuse to point the finger at everyone else except for yourself. You can’t control what everyone else does, however, you can control what you do. If you honestly make the time to do what you need to do no matter how busy you are it will get done. From there they improved and took ownership of theirself.

By accepting where you are, what you have, and where you choose to go is a large part of taking control over your life. Seeking what have been the triggered issues from your childhood and the snowballing events over the years to decades lies the answers you are asking for. In the words we use and how is is spoken is the current state we have chosen to project. Reading :Code To Joy” book has helped me to heal and dig deeper in which I should have over a decade ago. The main choice now is I have chosen to do something about it now instead of letting my life go by. You owe it to yourself to dig deep and answer your issues by learning more about yourself. In learning about who you are , you will become a better version of yourself by asking honest questions.

An Outsider Looking In

Day in and day out we repeat outselves within our mind. Self talk is so important. Take the time to honestly listen to others. They may not have anyone to listen and being a person who can help them is another great attribute. At the time same, the other person has to want to receive help in order to get it.

The way we talk and in what is said is a measurement of where we are in the mindset. Recently, i was listening to somoene and I could feel the negative energy from them strong. I said to them with respect, you have self limiting beliefs. Money shouldn’t be the focus and is only the symptom. Creating a mission is so important to the foundation of any business and or company. People purchase when there is a message and a need to be honestly delivered. Having an outsider to bring to light of what you need to shift and change is someone you will always need in your life., Yes it is not pleasant however, it is what you need to hear. You can see and know they care about you with your well being at the center.

Today, tell whoever the outsider thank you for being there and listening to with your best well being at heart. I want to see your succeed in what you desire. I appreciate all of you in being there to support all I do. I’d like to hear your point of view. and comments.

Grateful For Everything

Recently there were some tornadoes in which went through close to where I live. Thankfully, my house wasn’t affected. I am grateful to have all I do. Too many people take for granted a roof over their head, food, and clothing. Many other countries don’t have enough because of the poverty levels. Every day in the morning make a list of three things you are thankful for and do this for a year without repeating yourself, you will be surprised at how much you come up with.

From this, I am thankful for the opportunities to be a solution for clients and others. I am grateful for the ability to be resourceful instead of saying what I don’t have. Anyone who is successful had to make do and leverage all they have to get to where they desire. I am thankful for having physical strength and endurance. People Won’t understand how great it is to have a ton of long lasting energy.until it is gone. Having the mindset of being grateful is a start to a life of abundance we seek.

Your Relationships Are A Reflection Of Who You Are

Recently, I have taken inventory of the relationships I have had over the decades. I took the time to write down all of the aspects and events to record the emotional state in the moment. Your emotional state in the moment is a metor to where you are at and where you need to be. Many times we have no idea where mental and psychological blockages are until being honest with our self. In looking at all of the relationships, see where the reoccuring emotions, physical statements, ie. health, mental heath, financial, family status, vehicle transportation. These all align with somewhere in the subconsience.

In reviewing and going forward, you have to question where you are at in all states of mind, spirtually, in health to become who you are moving toward. It is all continous process. I have been told, I am hard on myself. I strive to be the best I can be every day. It is setting the example to others and personal standards I am moving toward and striving for. I suggest you do this inventory of your relationships and who you are.. It is about strengthening you are and loving yourself no matter what situation may arise. When you love yourself first, you can give so much more to others. This follows in all aspects in personal, family, and in business. I’d like to hear your feedback. Comment below.

What Is Your Right Direction?

Recently, I was asked if i create jewelry. I said i used to many years ago. At that time, I didn’t have a purpose. This doesn’t speak to the art I create. Align yourself with those who believe in your purpose instead of those who only constantly question you. If they are only ones who are telling you what they will purchase and it doesn’t align with who you are then it is time to move on in the vehicle of your life.Letting anyone tell you what to do will have you end up nowhere.\

Yes failures will happen. They are the lessons you will learn. Believe in yourself in all obstacles you encounter. There will be times of when no one believes in you including your own family. Don’t listen to them since what you are doing doesn’t resonate at all with them. Immediate gratification is their value system instead of working on and building your mission to serve who you desire to open a new catagory for. The world needs your unique experience especially with so much of the world blurrying all together. Your time is to be different with higher emotional answers through active experiences.

Today Is My Best Friend's Day Passing

For many years, I couldn’t seem to overcome my best friend’s passing. Many times, we never get a chance to say goodbye. His passing was really abrupt and challenging so much it didn’t seem real. We all deal with someone and or many people passing, A place being in the family being sold despite being with us for generations. The memories will always be there and no one can take them away.

With time, everything is changing, aging, getting older. Including our ownselves. Cutting yourself off from your past is so important to over all well being. Otherwise you will dwell so much in what could, would, should have been. It was what it was, that is how it will always been, Many times in the past there has been a mentality of lack however, now is in the now. You have to set yourself apart to being in your own state of happiness.

Forgive Yourself First

We all have regrets in wishing we did more, or a different outcome would have happened. The past is over and now is the time to understand that was then and this is now. Why let your past choices eat at you all of thse years. I know, I can say the same. I personally have used what my past decisions I have made against myself. Others have said, Don't be so hard on yourself. So easy to beat yourself over all what you have done and wish you could have accomplished

\.No matter what, Today is your choice to change the path you have in the past to the future you immerse yourself. You deserve to love yourself. I had to learn to love myself. Adapting your mindset to loving who you are and the person you strive to be is a whole new perspective. It is so easy to go back to the old way when see, you are worth the sacrifice, truth, honesty, integrity, open expression to have the life you desire.

Observe Others And Fill In The Need You See

To have the help you are wanting you have to give before receiving. The majority of people will not help you until you do something for them. It is not a guarantee you will get help you are seeking. However, being the initiator will encourage them to help you. The act will show, you are a person of value. Going out of the way consistently doing more then is expected. Too many people only do the minimum. What good is it when you are wanting to get ahead.

You have to look at where you can be the highest value and asset to those around you. The answer is right in front of you. It could be the thoughts you have to enable another person. Something may need to be fixed. To any other person, it is small. The act of fixing is showing of their significance. Each event you create maybe small to you, however you don’t know how it could make a huge influence on another. Push yourself every day. It is the essence of who you are.

Why Wait?

Why do we wait until the end of our lives to have closure? It is so easy to hold on to grudges and have unanswered questions. Decades of things in which authentic open confessions need to be said instead of holding back. Yes, the intial fear is there for question of acceptance of being upfront. In working so much, family doesn’t hardly see you within the exception of a few times a year. It is crazy how being apart from family is wishing you could see them more and at the time same time not having supportive family in your creative process even though you love them.

Making a point in having meaningful times the sooner the better. My grandpa and I finally had a real conversation instead of what the day to day is. Each human being needs to have this inner connection. The artificial and minimal, shallow of focus on physical materials, and only money will lead to a dead end. Yes, it is great to have all of these things. In the sharing of what you have is where the fulfillment and experiences you will add to who you are.as a whole. Having the most out of your life is what counts along with a deeper place to express who you are with a freeing vehicle to do so.