Is that a cucumber?

One time, I was at a show. This lady come up to me and said is this a cucumber? I thought it was funny. I said, Is it on fire cucumber? I was joking. She could tell I wasn’t serious. Then I could tell she was serious. She then said. This work reminds me of my most favorite boss she ever had. He would always eat big salads. The piece reminds her of the best time of her life around her best boss she ever had.

From this, I started thinking, What can I do for others in helping to preserve a symbol of their loved one in art? We all want to keep the best times and a lifetime of memories in our mind. It is invaluable through the experiences we enjoy in the moment. That time we will never get back and at the same time. We love our loved ones we have lost. I can identify with this all too much. I miss many people who have passed away. This is a part of why I create art. Helping others to heal and process the loss to work through emotional,psychological barriers we have to evolve through. Seeing funerals, it brings a perspective in the value of time and relationships.