The Longer You Are Here.................

Within the decades and years, everyone is either about to or has dealt with people will passing away. It brings the question of "Do I really want this" as in the experience it provides or value? What matters is you gain a lifetime of experiences you can hold within to cherish.

Recently, I was looking through my grandpa's old pictures from back in high school. As you picture yourself being in his shoes and living the life he did growing up, It is a totally different time. Back then they didn't have tv, electricity, computers, cell phones, internet, indoor plumming, refrigeration. It is awazing in examining a person's life as your own in viewing what they have experienced over 90 years. Another situation, in which is great and sad at the same time is outliving all of the family and friends you knew growing up. My grandparents have outlived so many people and I can see why they have the point of view they do.

If you have made mistakes in which we all have. Take the time to make a goal and a vow to fix the life you have while you have the opportunity. You never know when your last day will be. Treat everyone with respect. Create a rapport with as many as you can. The world is small and it all comes back around. I'd like to hear your story and point of view.