Negative People Situation

The conversations people have is the self reflection being mirrored outwardly. When people don't think things are possible, it has nothing to do with you. I once had a situation where a individual was trying to boost himself up and rush me in trying to purchase his services. At the same time, condescending  on where I am at in my business and capabilities. Talking down to potential clients is not the answer to your solution. If anything, the client will run and ignore.

Another thing is sometimes, no matter what you say, the individual will be offended because they want to be. If the other individual only wants to see everything all from their perspective, the whole situation will be missed in learning from the situation. From the people who don't have self reflection, it is best to leave them learn on their own. There is nothing you can do to help them, nothing you can say to help shift them. It is their own choice to be who they choose to be. These toxic people don't understand the emotion and decisions right now. Stay with those who are with you and help you grow from all different levels.

I'd like to hear your story. How have you learned from toxic/negative people?