Your Habits Are Your True Values

What you spend your time doing is what your values are. Watch others in what they say versus what they are doing. We all have made mistakes and regret sometime or another from the past decisions. The main thing is you decide to change your daily rituals to project your success. Every successful person has had to evolve in order to have a greater life. Look at what you enjoy and can push yourself instead of focusing on the time you aren't working.

I met an old classmate from 17 years ago. She is stuck mentally where she is at. She regrets her decisions and being addicted to alcohol. I said to her, your past decisions are over with. The fact is now you have decided to change your life now. Now is better then never. I said to her, never based your happiness on someone else. I also said I see you as a person instead of you by addiction. I separate those who have dealt with addiction. I told her you need to find something to work on you enjoy the most in order grow and heal. If you have made mistakes you must forgive yourself to have a better life.