The Happiest Time In Your LIfe

Having a testing and or challenging day today? When you have these kinds of days remember the best times in your life. You can create a great day even if your day started out not very good. How your take things in your life as something to learn from and make the best of it is the kind of character you choose to be.

One time, I was invited to do a festival. There were many artists who were supposed to be there and at the last moment cancelled. What is the point of telling someone you will show up and don't? I said I would show up and did. The festival didn't go well however I showed I can be trusted and will be there when I say I will. Developing the relationship with the leader of the event is important. I came there to build trust and reputation in being reliable. Also another positive is I received a free breakfast even though I offered to pay. I am thankful for the opportunity in meeting new people and for a great meal. Be thankful for what you do have and work on what you desire.