Remembering A Best Friend

Growing up, I spent a lot of time with my best friend and his family. His family didn't have much since his mother was raising four children by herself. That is a huge feat to do all by herself. His name is Michael York.  Michael used to spend the night, loved playing video games. We stayed up all night since none of couldn't sleep. I was so happy to spend time with him such as go down the slip and slide in the back yard. His family lived at the corner of the street in a duplex right by the elementary. We would play basketball at the elementary playground and my next door neighbors house. Sometimes we would play volleyball. I remember spending the night at my best friends house and sleeping upstairs in the bed listening to bush. A band from the 1990's. In mid 1995, I moved and didn't see Michael as much.

My parents used to order pizza on the weekends and we would eat at the dinning room table. I remember how Michael used to run funny. We could run at the same speed even though he was taller. As time went on since we didn't live in the same neighborhood, there was a splitting apart. I still thought of him as my best friend. As the end of his life, he decided to hang with the wrong kind of crowd of people.

Even in his passing from the vehicle accident in which killed his sister, their two other friends, and himself for the mere entertainment of ramping a bridge on country road. I know he wants the best for his family and friends. I still think of him from time to time and wonder where would he be if he were alive now.