As A Artist, Show Up = Being A Dedicated Professional In Action

The whole stereotype of how the artists don't show and are unpredictable. Not showing up and or cancelling constantly will bring doubt in how serious you are. No one wants to be around flaky people in building relationships. In you not showing up the time agreed upon it makes the whole art world look bad even though, there are very dedicated artists across the world. With work and dedication others will see it over time in developing trust. If you are constantly start/stop all the time, it shows you are not serious in their own eyes. Doing the start/stop reflects how you see your own business

.Ask yourself, Do you have a mission to propel you forward no matter what comes your way? If you are only here for the trends, you will be out of business just like all of the other entrepreneurs. The whole imagery of starving artist is even more prevailant in the entreprenuers/business owners.

More people need think about this instead of only a small section when the questions need to be asked on a wider scale.No matter what mission you have, prove it to yourself and potiential clients you are here for the long haul. To be seen as an asset for the global community.