Work Until You Find What Works

In the methods and techniques haven't worked then go to what is new and study what does work. The failure is only temporary. Bumps will happen. Learn from your mistakes. If you need to apologize to certain people do it since the world is so small. Everyone knows someone around the world to connect together in any given time. Get to know operating costs, Source your own products with the same great quality. Always maintain the same quality if not upgrade within certain amount of time.I

went through so many galleries and those didn't accept my work. I am fine with rejection. This means when I see a yes, the yes will be more meaningful with a better match. Pick and choose the best people you can.  Be mentored my mentors without them knowing by making it natural. Also offer what you have instead of asking something for nothing. Your mentors or even potential mentors have a busy schedule and remember they don't have to help you at all. They don't owe you anything. In free will they choose to help you on their terms. Having a humble personality will go a long ways.