Use The Negativity Of Others To Propel You

My family says they believe in my business when they don't even have any clue how it works nor how much work it takes to put into it. All of my family, has either given up and or never even attempted in doing what they love. Yet they wonder why they aren't personally happy. I see my family and ask the question, Do I want to be in the same place as them at their same stage, No way. I have goals and momentum to go.

Years ago, my family said to me, I believe in you then questiond me later. What is the point of saying something in this context deemed meaningless. Why not base your words and actions in a meaningful and propelling intent. Use what people tell you, "You Can't Do This Or Do That?" to push you. I know it lights my fire up. Prove it to yourself you can accomplish what you set your mind to. Do all in which is required and more to get it. You are worth the effort, time, and investment of bring the idea you have in your mind to life.