Work On Redirecting Your Emotions

I have been thinking lately about how I respond in different situations. In being a potential leader position or even a person who is listened to on a honest level when speaking, you have to learn to control your emotions. Yes, controlling your emotions can be really challenging when there is so much on your plate. For example, top level CEOs of many companies. Others only look at their pay level instead of how much responsibility they have day in and day out. Think of yourself at the person who is above you as being in their play. Perspectives changes in turning the tables.

In seeing others outburst in emotion at certain points. I can understand however doing it at the wrong time and place can have bad effects over your reputation and potential business. In having explosive emotions in your mind and outwardly, you need to ask yourself what is the main cause of this current issue. Using your emotions in the right way constructively is very important for your well being and respect from others.

This why I create art as being a vehicle for expression. At times, expressing yourself is best suited visually instead of verbally. Doing art, I have been able to find myself and become more aware.