Test Yourself Before Anyone Else Does

In working on many different pieces and larger works I set goals in accomplishing certain deadlines in the process. Creating art is a disciplined lifestyle. Being your own boss is a disciplined life. Self guidance is more important then ever.  Why not live for the challenge while others dread it.

The question comes to mind, "What are you pushing yourself to accomplish without anyone else doing it for you". Having internal drive is essential in setting your own standards instead of having someone or everyone else to push their standards on you. It is a completely different way of thinking and daily work being putting in.

In making your own standards by going the extra mile no matter where you are, you will shine and people see you care about the service, and experience you offer compared to everyone else. Especially in so many people don't want to be there so they do little as possible and stall a lot. Why not be the rapid fire along with strategically planning all you are going to accomplish.