Forgive Yourself First

We all have regrets in wishing we did more, or a different outcome would have happened. The past is over and now is the time to understand that was then and this is now. Why let your past choices eat at you all of thse years. I know, I can say the same. I personally have used what my past decisions I have made against myself. Others have said, Don't be so hard on yourself. So easy to beat yourself over all what you have done and wish you could have accomplished

\.No matter what, Today is your choice to change the path you have in the past to the future you immerse yourself. You deserve to love yourself. I had to learn to love myself. Adapting your mindset to loving who you are and the person you strive to be is a whole new perspective. It is so easy to go back to the old way when see, you are worth the sacrifice, truth, honesty, integrity, open expression to have the life you desire.