What Is Your Right Direction?

Recently, I was asked if i create jewelry. I said i used to many years ago. At that time, I didn’t have a purpose. This doesn’t speak to the art I create. Align yourself with those who believe in your purpose instead of those who only constantly question you. If they are only ones who are telling you what they will purchase and it doesn’t align with who you are then it is time to move on in the vehicle of your life.Letting anyone tell you what to do will have you end up nowhere.\

Yes failures will happen. They are the lessons you will learn. Believe in yourself in all obstacles you encounter. There will be times of when no one believes in you including your own family. Don’t listen to them since what you are doing doesn’t resonate at all with them. Immediate gratification is their value system instead of working on and building your mission to serve who you desire to open a new catagory for. The world needs your unique experience especially with so much of the world blurrying all together. Your time is to be different with higher emotional answers through active experiences.