Make Conversations Count

As dealing with visiting with my grandparents and seeing their transition from going from their home to going to a retirement is a huge difference. Think about it, Can you pick having your freedom and ability to go where you want, when you want for 9 decades, then after falling, going to surgery to never going back to the home you worked for to own decades? Also working through, seeing your own wife not being here mentally and forgetting decades of memories to forgetting who family are. Plus, in coming to terms of outliving all of your father, mother, and siblings to having no one you knew growing up is still here.

At a certain point, it is a accomplishment to outlive all of your close family and at the same time a very challenging time. Anyone who does this, has to come to terms of it. In mid part of time of this year since my grandparents have transitioned over to a retirement home, I have made it an intention to have meaningful conversations with my grandpa. Many things, we both wanted to say for years and didn’t have that kind of moment to share. My grandpa is very blunt and to the point. An style of being straight to the point is something many people need these days. Yes, it may hurt upfront however it is the honesty, we all crave to have. In knowing, each time this maybe the last time I get to see my grandpa, I make sure there is closure and a meaningful interaction. I had wanted to tell him for a long time. He needs to have an uplifting memmorable experience in what time he has left. The same goes for you. I’d like to hear your feedback and how you can relate.