An End To Over A 10 Year Vehicle Relationship

In march of 2008, I purchased a nissan altima. It was my first car I had ever owned. This car was my most expensive purchase I had ever made. At the time, I didn't have any credit history with no credit cards, no debt, and or credit lines. I was 25 at the time. This car has so many memories throughout the years. I had been on dates in this car, also taking my sisters to different places for christmas shopping when they were much younger. When I bought this car, I was so proud of myself in having a fresh start.

This was my vehicle I have had the longest. In Feb. 2015, I was in an accident where I guy ran a stop sign. The car protected me through the whole situation. Yes, it has had so many ups and downs in having great times and  down times in fixing the car. Many people don't think of vehicles as a personal story. In thinking about it, our vehicles are there even in failing events happen. No matter what they are always there for us. I purchased the car when it had 61k miles and when I sold the car there was almost 177k miles on it. The memories of when my father changed the fuel pump for free and even purchasing the part. The many runs with delivery of my sculptures. At time to begin and another time to end. A car that was there through thick and thin.