Your Future (Self-Examination)

I believe more people need to develop empathy. As you see people ahead of you and their own life as if you are them, you understand the progression it took to get to where they are. To ask the critical questions we have to ask ourselves. A couple of days ago, my grandpa had hip surgery at 91. He was down for 2 weeks before the surgery. He has always been a go-go personality. My grandpa loves my grandma with all of his being and would do anything for her within his own power. They have been married for 55 years. He has taken care of my grandma for years 24-7. My grandma has dementia and is 94. I respect my grandpa  and is a army vetaran, and believes in my potential in all I do. 

When you look at other people's lives, you have to ask yourself, How can I have a better life then this person in my very near future. I want to be independent as long as possible and enjoy life with great health, mobility, and correct cognitive function. How about you? What are you planning for your future?