Make Room For Current Memories

I recently went back to my old neighborhood I grew up in. There are so many memories I have had. Some good and others not very good. The process of learning is at every stage. The influence of each individual and or family is a totally big difference in how a home feels. Since my grandparents are getting to the point of where they need to have 24 hours assistence, we are having to look at retirement homes. I don't want my grandparents in a retirement because they desire to live the rest of their life the best as possible. They have outlived all of their family. It does show where there is a committed love it will last a lifetime. My grandparents have been married for 55 years. My grandpa loves my grandma with all of his being in taking care of her all these years. He is a u.s. army veteran. He still has his military gear from the 1940s. I had seen his horse riding gear for years and didn't know where it came from until he explained. I was astonished in the fact he still has it considering this was over 70 years ago.It is amazing in how much has has seen in his whole life up until today. Does it make you question the future in how things will change to create memories in your near future?