Be A Defining Moment For Young People

Recently I was working on my art, and a group of high schoolers came to the area I was in. There were three leaders in the group. One of the leaders asked, What is this? I said, this is my art based on encouragement, I am getting ready for a show. She said oh. This group is about high school students who have been bullied. I said to them I can understand since I was there.

I told them a little bit of my family life so they could get a grasp in which I understand their situation. I shared a story about the work I was doing at the moment to give them a sense of encouragement in who they are. Perception place a huge part in how situations are received.  One of the leaders took a picture with me holding my work along with the students. I have thought about high school students from time to time since they are our future. We have to equip them the best we can in knowing what they can experience better even better then us.

I gave some pointers and examples in which could help the students to over come the bullying. Staying in smaller groups is easier to communicate and less stress. Plus it is more intimate on a personal group then having a giant group. Being by yourself it will been seen as easier to target then a group of people who are together. When you have someone who has been through what you are going through it is a whole different ball park then doing it all yourself.