Is This The Right Emotion You Want to Transmit?

Many times others have responded to the responses of others. Ask yourself, Does the emotion you project in how and what you say honestly worth it? There are many times I don't say what I have on my mind because I have to ask myself, is the really worth saying? Once it is said, there is no turning back. I was recently in a meeting and the big part of the neighborhood was there.

I waited for the right time patiently. When I asked the question, the answer was devaluing. Either way, there are better opportunities. I didn't reply back I am here to be respected in the community and build over the years.

Before hand, the lady next me, was so angry and took it out on a certain person in charge. I wanted nothing to do with this and didn't know this lady was going to go off. This lady gave me her business card. Since she wasn't professional in the way she approached certain things, I didn't want to do business with her. Keeping your composure is a big part in others wanting to do business with you and associate with you. I understand there ware times of where yes you want to lash out. However is it really worth issues and loss in relationships over the long term, no.