The "Why" You Do What You Do Is Key. Your Purpose.

Bob Ross painted so many paintings. There are so many painters all over the world. The welcoming experience he gave in his show as if you were right there is invaluable. The experience is what pulls you in. The same goes with all of these bands, groups, musicians as such. Decide to stand for a cause you believe in instead of only what you think will sell. Don't base your work on trends since you want longevity to be timeless.

Capturing who you are through what you do and convey this to those who connect with all you represent. With a person such as Michael Jackson, no one could replace him since he offered his own unique expression in his way. Whether being a fan of him or not doesn't affect his strong loyal supporters throughout the career he had. Live performances are where the fans can experience the artists in a personal way in which those who only listen to recordings don't.

Focus on Why you do what you do. Make it your own.