Reflection Over The Year

Yesterday, I was looking through a graveyard and thinking about those who were living at one point on who they are. Also with those who loved them in the period of  time they lived in. See yourself as those who have and will pass since we are all mortals. Reflecting on myself being in their place, I say to myself, I have more to work on and live for. I have chosen to take more walks, eat better, drink more water. The junk food doesn't even taste good as it one did. When you realize what you are eating helps you feel better and tastes good you will want to be apart of it. The whole focusing on death is better spent focusing on the little time we have with no guarantee for a certain age.

We have to be and do our best. Even if you haven't made the right choices for years, today is the time to start taking better care of yourself. Since I have changed the way I have treated myself the quality of my life has increased. Who doesn't want more energy, better flexibility, less pain, sharper mind, increased circulation, better sleep. This is your choice every day.