Touch People's Live Despite Your Challenges

Today, I was helping in cleaning out my grandparents house. It seems so foreign doing this with 36 years of memories and my mother who grew up there. It is a challenging time when you are used to seeing your grandparents there. You want your grandparents to be there and live a great life in respect. As I was leaving my sister and I had a disagreement. I said It is a waste of time to argue. I have better things to do and have a place to be.

Once I left, there is a man who was stranded and blocking traffic. No one was stopping to help him.  I pulled over and asked, Do you need a push. He said he is out of gas. There was a gas station beside him. I got a gallon of gas with a container so he could get to the next gas station. He was so happy. I didn't want to be repaid since I have been helped many times.  He insisted on repaying him back. What matters is I came in at the right time to help. I wanted him to realize how important it is to be helped. Why not do it since someday you could be the one who is in the same place as him.