Help As Many People As You Can

I saw my uncle today.  He has been dealing with health issues along with a surgery. My uncle was complaining about pain. Recently, he went out to eat and had food in which was too greasy. I said to him, If what you have done hasn't worked then cut off the food that causes you pain. Focus on the healing food. He looked so thin like my stepdad. My stepdad was so extremely thin to be unhealthy. My uncles has worked at a fast food place. He gets free food there. I told him I quit eating there because the food made me feel so bad. The neglect over not eating enough nourishing food causes so many health issues due to defiencies over the long term. My father doesn't think he will do anything about it. When I see someone suffering, I want to do my best to help them. At the same time, they have to take ownership of their own self to fix this issues.

Learn to listen to your body. It will tell you by how you feel in the energy, focus, ability to do tasks and think strategically. Eating more plant based is easier on the body since the food is naturally and less energy to digest. In less digestion, we heal faster and have more energy and flexability. I want the best for you and your family. Start thinking about your health and those you love. The positive influence will rub off when they see you feeling so much greater.