Use Your Trauma To Help Others Heal

In the perception of looking at many of the people who experienced so much trauma such as mental, physical, and psychological abuse, along with drug and alcohol addiction they choose to make an impact in society. In going through many hard times, it is a choice to turn their life around. If you need help and or a person to listen contact me

.By expressing yourself, it can be used as a therapy. I emersed myself into art to help myself heal along with developing a voice for therapy. At the time, I felt trapped in not being able to express myself. Over the years, I developed the art I do in having a message to others in helping them in where they are. I honestly wouldn't be here if I didn't create art. Since having this purpose in creating art, what I have build over many years, this will outlive my lifespan.  Art is a vehicle to dig deep within our own subconscious. We have experiences from our childhood buried deep. If you have going through situations, it is time to dig deep to ask the question, What memories in the past do I need to address in order to have a fulfilled life from now on.