The Symbols Of Your Childhood

Art to the average person is seen as foreign. Relating your childhood memories to vehicles, toys, tools to art is a way to connect with some of the greatest times in your life.. It is the nostalgia surrounding what means the most to you. The sentiment of the happiest times and forseeing your future as bright through expression filled experiences. It is a freeing of the mind in all aspects.

Art can represent the life you seek every day and or the perception you have. The art is the extention of each individual style, signature, and expresson they want to bring others into in being apart of. I am here to bridge the gap and invite those with an open mind to embrace the ideas and concepts I bring.

A piece called Blazing Sun is about the power we have within ourselves in letting our light emit from within. The Blazing Sun is so powerful, bright, high energy, and all caputuring in its essence. This piece was purchased for an office by a family member of the guggenheim. I am glad to be a part of this life and all who see the work in the office. He is a great man and will continue be there to create high value.