The Flaws In The Museums And Artists

With many museums, I see many artists unknown and their story either not there or made up. The aspect of the art museums is fact of preserving the art for the next generation. The forgotten stories of the artists makes the art without a guiding foundation. I understand the aspect of a collector in making their own stories with the art, however, I feel without the leading story with the art going down in value.

I have talked to many people who work at the museums. They said the whole description by the art is made up by the curators and the majority doesn't flow with the art. I say there must be a change in the art world. We need to create a better way to record the stories from the artists to go together along in their art. So no matter what generation they are in, their story is preserved for the coming generations

.In having no documentation, I see it as a disrespect to the artist's legacy. The artists spend countless of hours working on and developing the art in which the time will never come back and then having their story not be preserved is an insult to the dedication of creating art for their lifetime. As if you are the artist, in their own shoes. Wouldn't you want what you put so much effort and work into what you have made be respected and preserved beyond your lifetime in celebrating what you have brought to society to enjoy?