A Predicament/Dilemma

As I work so much, I hardly see my family. If I am around my family I can't work around them since major distractions prohibit myself from being productive. I understand family time is to be cherished. In working so much, I will admit to missing my family even though they don't understand how much work and dedication it takes in putting it in for years for a business. It is a common inner conflict in running a business or see.I make certain times when I help my family throughout the week.

I wouldn't be able to do it nearly as much as my family would like. They always seem amazed at how much work I do since I have a purpose on who I am and what I do. A personal stardard in my ability to contribute and work. I will have to look at times of when I can take a short break to make time for my family since we only get one.