A Different Perspective Of The Creative

I have noticed too many artists like to measure up other artists. It doesn't matter other then do they have goals and are they working on them. The size of their studio, where they work, and so on doesn't matter. The whole focus needs to be building relationships, and how can I help you where you are. A status is honestly a waste of time. What you create as an visual artist is about the experience people connect with in order to want to be apart the art.

The mere asking the other artist in  asking you how much money do you make, were your studio is, what your achievements are is a sign of insecurity. They don't believe in their own ability so they look outwardly. Even in the perspective of seeing others isn't the fact of self doubt. It needs to be I can accomplish this since this person has already. A victimhood mentality by negatively measuring everyone else up compared to pushing yourself since for a fact it has already been done.