The More Difficulty, The Higher The Value Is Placed

In the times, when I was having much difficulty in working on new pieces of work. No matter how many times I failed, I still learned. Yes, frustration happens in the period of time however it creates a sense of determination to complete what is in front of you. There have been times of when I had to start all over again three times. I said to myself, I am going to finish this and it took 17 hours to complete in having to put together a half of a mile of wire each time

.Failure is a lesson being learned. Yes, it is the hard way. Most of us have to learn this way to finally get it. What matters is you keep your determination and endurance to complete what is needed. At the end of you completing it, you will look back and be glad you have developed an even stronger person then before. Challenge yourself every day. It builds up your sense of self worth. Your are worth the effort in becoming a better version of yourself.