For A Great Service, Give Acknowledgement, and Solid Tip

Once I went to this restaurant, I ordered a pizza. The server was very attentive and asking how everything is and yet not hovering ever 2 minutes. The place is pretty busy. The food was great and in a timely manner. The attitude of the server was positive. When the time came for the bill, I gave him a 100% of my bill. I told the young man, you need to go next door and teach them how to do service. I had to let him know how well he did service and show appreciation since there needs to be more of this all over.

The attitude of anyone giving service is a huge part of the whole experience. For one, giving eye contact, asking would you like anything else with a smile, checking on the customer every 8 minutes or so. Just have to read the customer and realize, how would like your service to be given to you? Both sides need to understand each side has a completely different life and one of them maybe going through a lot. Asking honestly, How is your day going and what can I do for you. People like to go where they feel welcome and at home. Reward great service and tell the server and cook they did a great job. Many times they feel under appreciate by their boss. You never know you could be making a bad day even better for them. What kinds of stories do you have you would like to share? I'd like to see your feedback.