Why Wait?

Why do we wait until the end of our lives to have closure? It is so easy to hold on to grudges and have unanswered questions. Decades of things in which authentic open confessions need to be said instead of holding back. Yes, the intial fear is there for question of acceptance of being upfront. In working so much, family doesn’t hardly see you within the exception of a few times a year. It is crazy how being apart from family is wishing you could see them more and at the time same time not having supportive family in your creative process even though you love them.

Making a point in having meaningful times the sooner the better. My grandpa and I finally had a real conversation instead of what the day to day is. Each human being needs to have this inner connection. The artificial and minimal, shallow of focus on physical materials, and only money will lead to a dead end. Yes, it is great to have all of these things. In the sharing of what you have is where the fulfillment and experiences you will add to who you are.as a whole. Having the most out of your life is what counts along with a deeper place to express who you are with a freeing vehicle to do so.