Find The Cause You Have A Strong Connection To Belief In

When you are in a difficult spot, you can understand where others are coming from you are more willing to see yourself as others being in your situation. We all have issues through out life. There are times to step in and help others. There has been times of when I was stranded, dead tired about to collapse, down pouring rain, and pushing a 2 ton truck by myself to home because it wouldn't start. I sat down to rest for a few minutes. Then a man stopped and said, "Do you need a push home?" I said Yes it would save me from calling a tow truck for one mile and paying $50 in which I didn't have much back then. I was so happy to have someone come out and help me in my time of need. I am very grateful and am glad to repay it back to others. Remember what you put out is what will return back to you. Put out the best and you will receive the best.