An Honest Reveal Situation

Last year and this year has been a huge challenge for myself in my health. I have not posted as much as I was. In getting medical tests done, I have been wanting to do for a long time to gauge where am I at, a few things stood out. One of them is my liver has to improve. If your liver isn't functioning well enough, your energy levels will go down a lot. The state of your liver function depends on how well it is in enough to recover. I was asked if I drink alcohol, I said no, I have ever drank any alcohol.

I don't drink alcohol since I have witnessed the issues it can cause over time. It is a tool in which tore my family apart. Also without drinking alcohol you can still have a fatty liver. Too much carbohydrates and sugar and more will lead to a fatty liver. This is a huge problem especially in the north america. Obesity is a major role in fatty liver and is so vital to do everything in life

.In  speaking about my health, I have took off 45lbs and still have a ways to go. I have added suppliments, cut added sugar, cooked at home, eat a lot more vegetables, and some fruit, doing a lot more lifting since it helps circulation and strength. I drink about 1/2 gallon to 1 gallon of water a day. I am working on the inflamation in my body. Remember inflamation leads to diseases and cancers. Make sure it learn about lowering your inflamation and food allergies to have a better life.