The Answers Are In Front Of You

I was watching a video by Eric Thomas recently. He is an awesome speaker and has a great connecting story. I can identify with him and his story. He was saying, listen to what others are saying to help you serve better. The answer is in the questions and comments being said.Mentors are all around, you have to pick the right ones to be where you want to be.

The mentors you choose already has the life and achievement you are seeking. Build rapport with them by mirroring them in how they speak and body language. Make it a point to learn new things and connect with people who are like yourself and or who you want to be like

.It is funny how at first I didn't want to offer something because I didn't think it would fit.  However, with the comments being said, the offering and idea would help serve more people. Having another tool to help others in have closure and improve mental health is what I enjoy doing. We all have unanswered questions and to have a final closure brings meaning to move forward instead of being stuck. Remember the anwer is there for you to discover.